Need people to work for a few days? quickly connects hundreds of thousands of trusted employees to work part-time or short-term with your business.
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There is a paradox almost happening all over the industry, the happiest day of the seller is the lowest day of the people doing the operation because there are not enough people to solve the workload to increase dramatically. But there are still millions of people who are struggling to find opportunities to increase their income. was born to connect millions of short-term employees to the Enterprise so that it is simple and smart. We believe in a future where people are free and flexible at work.

What You'll Get
Trusted On-demand Staffing Platform!
Flexible workforce

Your business just needs to maintain the optimal staffing, and the rest will be handled by


Compared with traditional labor outsourcing solutions, saves you 50% of management costs.

Rate & Choose the right one

No more interviews, you can chat right on After working, management can evaluate the quality of completion through the star rating system.

Timesheet & Payroll

Built-in timesheet feature and receive cost reporting results with just a tap on the screen.

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